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Welcome to the locality Les Frauds
Renovated farmhouse in Limousin (Haute-Vienne – North of Dordogne) 

  Les Frauds
is situated in the department of the Haute-Vienne (Limousin area)
  at 3km in the north of the department of the Dordogne (Aquitaine area).
  The administrative or public infrastructures and leisure activities are available
  within a radius of 50km.

  In summer, the Haute-Vienne proposes numerous cultural activities (concerts,
  festivals, exhibitions, etc) and leisure activities (fairs, balls, outdoor swimming
  pools, windsurfing board, golf, tennis). All year round the sportsmen can practise 
  horse riding, swimming and hikes in forest as well as participate in the diverse
  workshops or training courses which offers the area.

  Les Frauds is a locality nested at the end of a road crossing woods and
  plantations of fir trees. Nature and animals lovers will find here their place of
  peace and relaxation. The numerous hike paths near the house and around give
  the opportunity to discover the luxuriant nature, the varied fauna and particularly
  the numerous bird species.


  In the past, the property was a farm building dedicated to the agriculture and
  to the breeding. This farm building consisted of houses, a henhouse with a pigsty,
  barns, a cowshed and outhouses. At the time several families lived on the spot,
  independent in their homes but welded by the architecture.

  The basic idea for the renovation was to keep the authenticity of the buildings
  while emphasizing the comfort and the conviviality of the place. Henceforth the
  housing is completely modernized in a rustic style of charm.

  The property proposes to let a large house welded to a barn used as a closing
  garage and a smaller independent house. The place is trimmed with a pond
  (50m x 20m) without pontoon and of a maintained garden of about 3 hectares
  (7,5 acres). A closed outhouse is used as premises to store household refuse.
  A disused henhouse is held over renovation, a barn and an outhouse are kept
  for the personal use of the owner.


   The nearest activities

   In Ladignac le Long and Bussière Galant Bourg: artificial lakes, tennis,
   windsurfing, ping-pong, small train and a post office. In Bussière Galant village:
   library and media library with numerous beautiful books, videos, DVD, audio CD,
   Internet access, photocopier and printer. In Ladignac le Long: post office, open
   market in
summer and public school. In Saint Yrieix: cinema, library and media
   library, exhibition center, open air swimming pool, post office and open market.
   In Châlus: post office, open air swimming pool and open market.

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