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Rental Terms


Short stay (1 week to 3 months) :
   650 euros per week.

   A security deposit of 650 euros is asked.
   1.350 euros per month (low season).
   A security deposit of 1.350 euros is asked.
   Downpayment of 30% for booking. 

Long stay (over 3 months) :
   800 euros per month.

   A security deposit of 1,600 euros is asked.
   This rate includes various services (see details below).

The booking requires a downpayment equals to 30% of the total
   rented period. In case of cancellation from the renter's decision the
   downpayment is not refundable. On the other hand, the owner will not
   ask for the payment of the total amount of the stay.

   A security deposit is asked at the beginning of the stay. If paid by
   check that one will not be encashed and will be handed back at the end
   of the stay in accordance with the exit invetory.
   A rental agreement will be established before arrival and an inventory of
   fixtures will be drawn up at the arrival.
   The total amount of the stay will be given to the owner minus the
   downpayment already paid



Short stay : the consumer spending of electricity, water, gas and heating
   are included in the rent. To simplify the use of the phone, the line is
   accessible with a prepaid phone card (eg. the "Ticket téléphone" by France
   Télécom availbable in bookstores). No internet access at the moment.
   The Library of Bussière Galant Bourg (4,5km) offers 4 computers with
   broadband access at a competitive rate.

: friendly animals are welcome. No charge required for their
   outdoor life. Conditions of animals indoor life depend on breed and education
   of our friends. The renters are fully responsible for troubles
and damages
   caused by their pets.

Optional : on demand a cleaning lady can intervene for household and
    ironing tasks at the expense of the tenant.

Long stay : the rate includes the refuse collection tax, the local residence
    tax, the broadcasting tax and the maintenance of heater. The consumer
    spending of electricity, water, gas, heating and telephone are chargable
    to the tenants. The gardening and maintenance of the surroundings
    of the house stay on charge of the owner. It is possible to complete the
    furniture in the house with tenant’s personal effects if wished so.